AI-supported Content Creation
with the chunkx creator

Our AI-powered admin and authoring tool chunkx creator makes content creation a breeze. So easy that we ensure continuous learning on all your courses in the form of managed channels, or you can simply use our tool yourself to create new courses or add to existing ones.

Content creation with AI support

All courses in chunkx are understood as a set of microlearning units. Learning units can be designed with texts, images and videos and supplemented with closed and open learning tasks. This allows our team or you to design new courses as well as supplement existing trainings and eLearnings: For preparation or for continuous learning on-the-job. To make this as easy as possible, existing content can be inserted quickly. Learning tasks can then be developed automatically via AI, e.g. single choice, multiple choice or cloze texts. The results can then be further processed as desired.

You can also use the creator to evaluate your courses, find out exactly which content users find easy or difficult, and create detailed reports for yourself or others.

Managed Channels - your courses and trainings become subscribable

The number of learning opportunities is growing exponentially and knowledge is changing faster and faster. You rarely have time to learn, and when you do, what you’ve learned quickly evaporates afterwards.

chunkx allows your employees to subscribe to all of your previously unique learning activities. You give us access to the course content and we provide continuous and personalized follow-ups as a full service to reinforce, develop and analyze the skills of your employees. You don’t need to use our chunkx creator for this, because we do all the work and get the most out of your courses, trainings, documents and eLearning.

Continuous Skill Analytics

With our Managed Channels we create microlearning content for your courses & trainings. With the help of AI, all content is keyworded and linked to the appropriate skills, competencies and occupational fields based on the ESCO skill ontology. Instead of relying solely on resumes and self-assessments for your skills analytics, chunkx provides you with continuous learning data on employee development. Prepared in compliance with works council regulations and securely stored on EU servers.

Match learning content with skill development

chunkx creator: AI-powered authoring system for easy content creation by customers & partners

Through our Managed Channels, we ensure that all your learning is reinforced through adaptive follow-ups. But of course you are also welcome to do it yourself! Because our authoring tool chunkx creator enables companies not only to develop their own content but also to evaluate and improve existing learning content. We give the user experience of our authors the highest priority. The intuitive interface makes it very easy for authors to develop microlearning units and continuously improve the didactic quality.

With connected language models, we also make it possible to easily import existing documents and automatically generate microlearnings for them.

The chunkx creator offers companies the following functions:

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