the continuous learning experience

Do you want to offer employees not only countless learning measures, but also achieve sustainable learning success? Then you've come to the right place: with chunkx, you connect all your courses into user-specific learning feeds and turn one-timed learning moments into continuous learning experiences.

All your learning connected in a sustainable and adaptive way

We are constantly learning and on countless topics. However, not only are the demands on our knowledge increasing, but also the amount of learning content. The selection leads to overload and what is learned quickly fades without regular use.

With chunkx, your employees have the opportunity to continue learning about their topics easily and continuously. In doing so, chunkx connects all your learning, whether classroom training, internal presentations, or third-party content into continuous learning feeds. The intelligent algorithm selects content according to user behavior, learns and ensures sustainable learning success.

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Advantages of our learning app

Improve learning measures

With the chunkx learning app, you can easily supplement existing learning activities and turn one-time learning moments into continuous learning experiences. In this way, you not only improve the learning effect, but make it sustainable.

A connecting learning feed

Connect all learning into user-specific and continuous learning feeds. Because chunkx provides sustainable microlearning for any existing course in any format: eLearnings, webinars, in-person training, documents.

Relevance instead of just a standard

Individualizing digital learning media is time-consuming. Not at chunkx: Our algorithm selects content on a user-specific basis and learns with each new edit. Thus, the microlearnings played out always have the highest relevance for the learners.

Detailed evaluations

Valid data instead of vague assumptions: chunkx shows you in detail and anonymized, which topics are mastered and for which further measures are appropriate. This allows learning measures to be optimized or supplemented in a targeted manner.

Regular learning updates

In addition to the chunkx learning app, email ensures that learners are notified of relevant content and summaries. These are individualized and build on the user's learning history and subscriptions.


chunkx for companies

Knowledge and learning are central topics in every company. The same applies to the requirement to provide employees with all relevant learning measures. However, the large selection results in employees being overwhelmed. The adaptive learning app chunkx solves exactly this challenge for companies. It connects learning relevant to employees in a user-specific and continuous learning feed, and provides sustainable microlearning for any existing course in any format: whether eLearnings, in-person training, or third-party courses.

How continuous learning works with chunkx


Regular updates and recommendations on all learning topics

Via email, in our learning app, or through in-house systems, users benefit from timed recaps, regular posts, and recommendations, such as for new articles.


Adaptive content selection based on the level of knowledge

Content from subscribed channels is selected adaptively and based on knowledge level. This allows our learning app chunkx to be used regardless of how many channels and how little time the employee has.


Continuous microlearning on internal and external content

With our team of authors, we provide continuous learning for any existing course in any format: eLearnings, webinars, classroom training, or other documents.

Our customers trust us

"With the COMMON AGAINST DOPING academy in chunkx, we are creating a flexible learning opportunity for the clean sport of tomorrow."

Michael Behr, Leiter Prävention bei der NADA

The first impression

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