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chunkx is the AI-based solution for sustainable and adaptive microlearning in companies. Receive hyper-personalized content tailored to you and benefit from continuous follow-ups directly in your communication channels.

chunkx Copilot: Minimum effort, maximum personalization

The time of static content is over. Our AI solution chunkx develops personalized training content to match user-specific development goals, skills, feedback and performance. There are no limits to the variety of topics and internal company sources and documents can also be used.

However, it is not only the content that is important, but also how the content reaches the users. chunkx can be used as a stand-alone micro-learning app or fully integrated into the company’s system landscape. We send follow-ups, new recommendations and summaries via email or MS Teams to ensure the greatest possible impact.

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You decide how much work you want to invest

Regular Channels

  • You develop learning content yourself in the classic way with our authoring tool chunkx creator.
  • You retain full control over content, rollout and channel settings.
  • Perfect for regulatory content where the content is precisely defined and no deviations are permitted.

Managed Channels

  • We continuously develop learning content for you based on your existing documents.
  • You decide how much control and work you want to hand over to us.
  • Perfect for continuously important content for which you already have initial PDFs or other documents, such as compliance, sustainability or innovation.

Copilot Channels

  • AI develops learning content individually for each user and the respective development goals.
  • You can specify development goals and also upload your own content for the AI to create autonomously.
  • Perfect for the broad mass of topics for which you want maximum personalization with minimum effort.
chunkx regular channel
chunkx managed channel
chunkx copilot channels

What you get with chunkx


Learning content is created dynamically and individually for each user with the chunkx Copilot. Feedback and chatbots are used to further optimize the content and make it as relevant and appropriate as possible.

Impact & ROI

A lot of time and money is spent on content creation and training that is not tracked. Our AI creates the content and supplements it with on-the-job follow-ups that increase impact and return on investment.

Integrated or as an app

We play out content via email or MS Teams and don’t wait for users to come to our platform. Do you need more? Then use our device-independent microlearning platform.

Skill Analytics

Using Natural Language Processing, we match your learning content with skill ontologies and play back to you how skill development is going and how your Organizational Capabilities are evolving.

12x more follow-ups

Without chunkx, the forgetting curve plummets after important training sessions, although even small on-the-job follow-ups help to retain and apply what has been learned.

Security and scalability

We store data in a DSGVO-compliant manner on ISO-27001 certified servers hosted in Germany. Our architecture is scalable and data is prepared in accordance with the works council.

As simple as a newsletter!

It has never been easier to start learning than with chunkx. Simply enter your e-mail address and off you go. Without a password and still secure. This principle works for all types of channels in chunkx. The pages can also be embedded directly into your web-based training courses, intranet pages or websites, so that nothing stands in the way of quick and easy onboarding of new users.

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