chunkx plans

The right plan for your smart and sustainable learning offers: Whether publicly discoverable or as a closed whitelabel solution.


chunkx academy

Create your own academy on our public platform to easily create and deliver learning content to your target audiences.


chunkx for business

Use our whitelabel solution to design chunkx in your own branding and integrate it into your system landscape.

Full Service

chunkx advanced

We ensure sustainable learning success by continuously connecting all your learning activities in user-specific learning feeds.

chunkx advanced: Putting an end to overwhelming masses of learning content

Adding more content does not help achieve effective training outcomes, especially if it leads to overload. Thus, the number of learning opportunities is increased, attention span decreases, and processing capacities remain unchanged. Also, static learning courses do not evolve along with learners, although there are continuous new insights into learning topics.

Continuous learning feed for the sustainable learning effect

chunkx connects all your learning in a user-specific and continuous learning feed. Because with our content team, we provide continuous microlearning for any existing course in any format: eLearnings, webinars, in-person training, documents. Your employees will benefit from constant recurrences, regular contributions and recommendations of the latest articles via email, in our app or via your systems.

The microlearning in chunkx adapts to the individual user: Via learning tasks, the app continuously learns what is being done well and less well. Microlearning content is selected based on the level of knowledge and thus individually compiled.

Admin and authoring tool:
chunkx creator

Whether chunkx academy or chunkx for business: With our authoring tool, the chunkx creator, you can easily create learning content yourself! Our AI-based content creation helps you create high-quality learning courses quickly and easily. You can embed external content like YouTube, Vimeo videos or websites, form learning paths, define learning objectives, issue certificates and much more.

You can also use the creator to evaluate your courses, find out exactly which content users find easy or difficult, and create detailed reports for yourself or others.

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