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What do you get with chunkx

Managed Channels

We do the work and turn your courses & trainings into continuous microlearning channels. You can also use the chunkx creator yourself.

Impact & ROI

A lot of money and work time goes into training that is not tracked. With chunkx, you get on-the-job follow-ups that increase impact and thus return on investment.

Integrated or as an app

Via email or MS Teams, we play out content. Do you need more? Then use our device-independent microlearning platform, as an app and whitelabel solution.

Skill Analytics

Using Natural Language Processing, we match your learning content with skill ontologies and play back to you how skill development is going and how your Organizational Capabilities are evolving.

12x more follow-ups

Without chunkx, the forgetting curve rushes down after important trainings, although even small follow-ups on-the-job help to retain and apply what has been learned.

Security and scalability

We store data in a DSGVO-compliant manner on ISO-27001 certified servers hosted in Germany. Our architecture is scalable and data is prepared in accordance with the works council.

Our customers trust us

chunkx FAQ

FAQ about chunkx

With chunkx we make it possible to subscribe to your existing trainings and courses. To do this, we create ongoing follow-ups such as microlearning units, recommendations for new articles and studies, and personal summaries.
To ensure this high-quality and consistent content delivery, we use AI-based content creation tools and experienced copywriters.

In addition, we can also create new learning topics and content for your individual needs. And with access to our chunkx creator authoring tool, our customers can also create their own courses and training materials.

Our subscription offering can be used for all types of learning activities, including on-site seminars, online courses, courses with third-party content, e-learning videos, and more. We only need access so that the content is provided to us as a basis for developing follow-ups. For example, if it is an on-site seminar, we need the presentation with speaker notes. We also take into account which rights your company owns to the content to be amplified.

chunkx uses specially developed algorithms to record the employee’s level of knowledge with each microlearning unit processed. In order not to overwhelm the user with all his subscribed learning topics, chunkx selects the most suitable learning unit based on the individual learning history and the upcoming goals. In this way, the topics no longer compete for the user’s attention, but connect and reinforce each other. With interactive exercises, didactic methods such as Certainty-Based-Marking and continuous repetition, the learning content adapts to the user’s learning pace, regardless of whether they learn daily or irregularly via email, browser or the app.

Almost all user-related data is stored on servers in Germany in ISO certified data centers. The only exception is our mail server, where e-mail addresses are also stored in Belgium. As a European company, we are basically DSGVO-compliant and the protection of personal data is very important to us. Therefore, when used in companies, learning success data is also only displayed cumulatively to admins and authors and not for the individual user. Do you still have questions about data security and who can see what data in chunkx? Feel free to contact us for a conversation about this.

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Whitelabel? Or open to the public? Choose between our plans:

chunkx academy

Create your own academy on our public platform to easily create and deliver learning content to your target audiences.

chunkx for business

Use our whitelabel solution to design chunkx in your own branding and integrate it into your system landscape.

Managed Channels: We enhance your learning activities and ensure learning success

More and more learning measures do not necessarily increase learning success. With Managed Channels from chunkx, you ensure that classroom training, eLearnings, documents, and other learning opportunities are continuously followed up and that learning success is ensured – without having to create content.

Continuous learning feed for long-term learning success

chunkx connects all your learning measures in a user-specific and continuous learning feed. Your employees will benefit from constant follow-ups, regular updates and recommendations of the latest articles via email, in our app or via your established platforms.

The microlearning units in chunkx adapt to the individual user: Via small tasks, the app continuously learns what is being done well and less well. Microlearning content is selected based on the level of knowledge and thus individually compiled.

Free of charge with chunkx for business

That’s right: Within chunkx for business, we don’t charge extra for a high number of managed channels. But you can also use our managed channels as part of our chunkx Academy offering.

Admin and authoring tool:
chunkx creator

Whether chunkx academy or chunkx for business: With our authoring tool, the chunkx creator, you can easily create learning content yourself! Our AI-based content creation helps you create high-quality learning courses quickly and easily. You can embed external content like YouTube, Vimeo videos or websites, form learning paths, define learning objectives, issue certificates and much more.

You can also use the creator to evaluate your courses, find out exactly which content users find easy or difficult, and create detailed reports for yourself or others.

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