Certainty Based Marking in chunkx

Certainty Based Marking (CBM), or more conveniently, Confidence Based Marking (CBM), fascinated me while I was studying education. Therefore, it was only a matter of time when this super useful concept would also find its way into our app chunkx. This much in advance: CBM and adaptive learning are a great fit. In this article, I'll explain what's behind it and what role it plays in our learning app.

What is Certainty Based Marking?

In chunkx, microlearning content is often supplemented by interactive learning tasks. This allows us to learn more about the individual user’s knowledge and non-knowledge and to prioritize and, if necessary, repeat content accordingly. Learning tasks in the form of single choice or multiple choice tasks, however, have the disadvantage that simple guesses are quickly made here. That’s where we come to CBM:

Certainty Based Marking (CBM) asks users not only to answer an objective question, but also how certain they are that their answer is correct. Our scoring system particularly rewards not only selecting the correct answer, but also being maximally confident in doing so. Certainty Based Marking encourages reflection on how sound one’s knowledge and skills really are.

How is CBM used in chunkx?

chunkx is a micro-learning app that adaptively selects learning content. Adaptive means individual and suitable per user. I bet you already realize that Certainty Based Marking makes a lot of sense in this context. How often did your teachers used to ask you how sure you were about an answer? I hope so on a regular basis, because the assessment of this helps to better classify one’s own level of knowledge.

We, meaning our algorithms in the app, use this classification to help decide which content to display next that is appropriate for the user.

Must Certainty Based Marking always be used in chunkx?

Authors use the chunkx creator to create channels and micro-learning content. CBM can be used here for all content with closed tasks. Quite optional as a checkbox that can be quickly turned on and off. By default, it is enabled because we are convinced of the concept and the user experience is significantly improved both in terms of response and more appropriate content selection.

Adaptive learning with chunkx

With chunkx, we offer you a tool to expand both new and existing measures in a targeted manner. chunkx is aimed at both companies and educational institutions, such as universities or schools. In addition to closed instances, chunkx offers a public area. Academies such as those offered by Gemeinsam-gegen-Doping, the Lehmbruck Museum and other educational institutions are offered here.

Are you not yet a customer or do you have questions about Certainty Based Marking or other topics in chunkx? Then contact us for a personal presentation and let’s talk about the possibilities together. We look forward to hearing from you!