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New functions
Florian Stieler

Break language barriers: Automatic content translation in seconds

With our new feature, complete channels can be automatically translated into nearly 30 target languages. Since individual countries often have special requirements, the content can still be manually post-processed or even converted into standalone channels. You can find more details in this article.

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New functions
Florian Stieler

New integration: HTML Widgets

Our famous feature to subscribe to learning content can now be easily integrated as HTML widget directly on your website, intranet page and learning portal. Just copy and paste code from our chunkx creator and go! In this article we explain the details and show you an example.

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Personalisierte Zusammenfassungen
Continuous Learning
Florian Stieler

New feature: personalized summaries in chunkx

Sustainable learning requires time and reflection. That’s why with chunkx we make it easy to subscribe to the content of existing trainings & courses to support learning transfer in small units and on-the-job. A great new feature for this is the personalized summaries that are now sent out as part of our weekly learning review. They show learners the key messages of their individually worked learning units from the respective week and make it easy to reflect and anchor learned material again.

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chunkx Continuous Learning and Business Transformations
Business Transformation
Florian Stieler

Continuous Learning: Key Factor to Successful Business Transformations

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations are constantly challenged to adapt and transform to stay competitive.
One critical factor that separates successful transformations from unsuccessful ones is the emphasis on continuous learning. By building a sustainable learning culture, businesses can drastically increase their transformation readiness, enhance their transformation efforts, and better overall performance. This article explores the importance of continuous learning in driving successful business transformations.

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About our blog

We are pursuing big goals with chunkx:

  1. Learning content should adaptively adjust to the individual.
  2. Learning should be allowed to take place both in a focused and continuous way, without any organizational effort on the part of the users.
  3. Continuous learning needs a solution on how to connect many topics for users.
  4. It also calls for solutions on how we can use every little moment to learn and break down the bulky walls that often hide good content.
  5. chunkx should work for any topic and give authors the flexibility to create and edit content themselves without a service provider.
  6. Learning spaces must be arranged and the user experience must not suffer from the complex functions.

To achieve these goals, chunkx is constantly being further developed. We will keep you up to date via our blog and newsletter. We regularly explain why we do things the way we do and provide insights into our conceptual thinking. Are you particularly interested in something and would you like to learn more about a topic? Feel free to write us using the contact form.

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