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Adaptive learning
Theresa Müller

Pre-seed investment of the venture capital fund LUMO Labs

We are very happy to introduce you to our new partner and investor LUMO Labs! LUMO Labs brings many years of experience in the AI field as well as a global network. Their focus on impact-driven startups makes them the ideal partner for us, and they share chunkx’s vision of designing adaptive and continuous learning experiences for everyone. We look forward to working with you!
Enclosed you will find the German version of the official press release.

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Adaptive learning
Florian Stieler

Certainty Based Marking in chunkx

Certainty Based Marking (CBM), or more conveniently, Confidence Based Marking (CBM), fascinated me while I was studying education. Therefore, it was only a matter of time when this super useful concept would also find its way into our app chunkx. This much in advance: CBM and adaptive learning are a great fit. In this article, I’ll explain what’s behind it and what role it plays in our learning app.

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Fairs, appearances, events
Emilija Dodevska

Interview Learntec 2020

Finally, we get to share the interview that took place last year at Learntec 2020. What are the most important points?

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Digital learning
Florian Stieler

Digital learning must complement, not replace

Digital learning is gaining in importance, because the digital transformation does not stop at learning. Continuing education in companies, organizations and learning opportunities offered by institutions are becoming increasingly digital. Current infection control measures additionally accelerate this development.
What we notice in conversations with new customers and interested parties is that the comparison between classroom situations and digital learning is often seen as an either-or, rather than a both-and decision. In our view, this view leaves a lot of untapped potential, because learning can only be designed in the best possible way if the strengths of analog and digital learning are combined.

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chunkx creator
Emilija Dodevska

Learning objectives in chunkx

We have released a new update of chunkx. We would like to briefly introduce one function from the update: Learning Objectives. From now on, our authors can add learning objectives to their channels in chunkx creator. This allows learners to be given a performance target and the results to be stored for documentation purposes.

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Florian Stieler

Digitally support learning transfer in companies

Continuing education in companies poses many challenges: Which content, for which target group, in which format, in which frequency, carried out by whom? Professional or layman, you can probably think of many more questions. In this article, we address the question of sustainability, which is complementary to the above: How do we ensure the sustainability of learning interventions? How do we ensure that after a training session all participants do not go over to their daily business and forget what they have learned? How can the transfer of learning take place?
We present different approaches and also show how we support you with chunkx to increase learning transfer and turn unique learning moments into sustainable learning experiences.

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About our blog

We are pursuing big goals with chunkx:

  1. Learning content should adaptively adjust to the individual.
  2. Learning should be allowed to take place both in a focused and continuous way, without any organizational effort on the part of the users.
  3. Continuous learning needs a solution on how to connect many topics for users.
  4. It also calls for solutions on how we can use every little moment to learn and break down the bulky walls that often hide good content.
  5. chunkx should work for any topic and give authors the flexibility to create and edit content themselves without a service provider.
  6. Learning spaces must be arranged and the user experience must not suffer from the complex functions.

To achieve these goals, chunkx is constantly being further developed. We will keep you up to date via our blog and newsletter. We regularly explain why we do things the way we do and provide insights into our conceptual thinking. Are you particularly interested in something and would you like to learn more about a topic? Feel free to write us using the contact form.

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