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Simple, sustainable and mobile: Improve teaching and learning at colleges and universities and create new alumni offerings with the chunkx learning app.

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Learning app chunkx for colleges and universities

To make learning sustainable at universities, there is chunkx – the adaptive learning app. It accompanies existing courses, helps with exam preparation, can be used for tutorials and, most importantly, beyond university hours.

chunkx works with the micro-learning approach, i.e. learning content is divided into many small units. This allows students flexibility in processing and teachers detailed evaluations according to subject areas. Our algorithm combines the small learning units for the users in a user-specific feed, much like you know from Twitter or Instagram.

The special feature: In this way, any number of topics can be connected for users. Through selective repetition, the focus is placed particularly on those subject areas that users have not yet mastered well. chunkx thus quickly adapts to the level of knowledge of the individual users and adjusts to them adaptively – without any programming effort on the part of the lecturers.

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Evaluations and learning analytics

Our learning app works a lot with chunked exercises, which are small interactive learning tasks. The special feature: Users can subscribe to as many topics as they like and thus stay on the ball not only for one subject but for as many as they like at the same time. Through the interactive learning tasks paired with certainty- or confidence-based marking, we gain valuable data, which we make available to our authors anonymized and as average values. So you can see immediately:

  • What content is not so well understood
  • Where do I need to support with further teaching?

Our authoring tool chunkx creator allows detailed evaluations and filtering options, e.g. by set tags, by initial responses or by clicks on links.

Advantages of our learning app for universities

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