Train on-the-job and adaptively with our microlearning platform

chunkx offers a modern and fast microlearning platform on the web, on iOS and on Android. You can expect numerous functions and highlights that we have lovingly developed. And if you don’t want a new system: learning with chunkx also works fully integrated.

Microlearning platform

Not only do long courses require a lot of attention from learners, they are especially inflexible. Our microlearning platform allows each learning unit to be grasped and processed individually. This allows user data to be used in a targeted manner to repeat learning units and to adaptively control the selection of the next learning unit. Learning units can be designed with texts, images and videos and supplemented with closed and open learning tasks.

Our microlearning platform is available as a whitelabel solution in your design in the browser as well as a native iOS and Android app.

Like a classic LMS, but with modern features

Courses can be created, managed and evaluated via our microlearning platform and the associated authoring and admin tool chunkx creator. Learning paths can be created, learning objectives defined, and certificates issued (learn how the National Anti-Doping Agency uses these features for tens of thousands of athletes here).

Role management enables the distinction between admins, authors, co-authors and users. Courses can also be set up in different ways: Classically sorted or adaptive, open or hidden or protected, voluntary or mandatory. In addition, there are numerous features that we have specifically developed to make learning more continuous and small-scale, and to enable personalized on-the-job learning.

More about content creation with chunkx creator and our AI support.

Adaptive Microlearning

Adaptive learning at chunkx means that within one or more courses, the content where we identify gaps in knowledge can be repeated and that the sequence of learning units does not have to be static, but can also adapt to the weaknesses of the respective learner. For this purpose, we use methods such as certainty-based marking.

For the most adaptive learning experience, we recommend our chunkx Copilot: Here, the learning content is created individually for each learner.

You decide how much work you want to invest

Regular Channels

  • You develop learning content yourself in the classic way with our authoring tool chunkx creator.
  • You retain full control over content, rollout and channel settings.
  • Perfect for regulatory content where the content is precisely defined and no deviations are permitted.

Managed Channels

  • We continuously develop learning content for you based on your existing documents.
  • You decide how much control and work you want to hand over to us.
  • Perfect for continuously important content for which you already have initial PDFs or other documents, such as compliance, sustainability or innovation.

Copilot Channels

  • AI develops learning content individually for each user and the respective development goals. More…
  • You can specify development goals and also upload your own content for the AI to create autonomously.
  • Perfect for the broad mass of topics for which you want maximum personalization with minimum effort.
chunkx regular channel
chunkx managed channel
chunkx copilot channels

Impact & Knowledge Retention through Personalized Follow-ups

In learning, it is not only the content that is decisive, but also how and whether learners are reached with it:
chunkx delivers learning content directly to learners’ inboxes or chats on request. Topics and courses can not only be used once, but can also be subscribed to for continuous learning. Personalized follow-ups and spaced repetition paired with new content ensure the best possible impact.

Care to try? You give us access to course content and we provide a full service for continuous and personalized follow-ups to consolidate, develop and analyze skills.

Adaptively selected, on-the-job, matching your courses, trainings, documents and requirements.

Empfehlungen in chunkx helfen beim Weiterlernen

Personalized recommendations

Complementing adaptive unit selection, we use Natural Language Processing to compare users’ processed content with content from your corporate databases, course providers, or public websites to find matches, make recommendations, and promote continuous learning on topics that are important to that individual.

Please not another app!
Integration instead of new platform

Often, our customers already have numerous front-ends and systems in place, and the last thing they want to do is introduce yet another app. No problem with chunkx! Our microlearning platform is optional and does not have to be used. We offer the possibility to subscribe to courses by e-mail. We use email and MS Teams to provide access to learning content and learning sessions. Direct opening of courses and learning sessions via LTI Standard is also possible. Feel free to contact us for a demo.

chunkx MS Teams Intergration
chunkx - Lerninhalte direkt per E-Mail

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