Sustained and adaptive learning for doping prevention.

Create a clean sport – with adaptive micro-learning units

Diverse learning opportunities for a clean sport

The National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) works every day to make sport cleaner and fairer. In addition to carrying out doping controls, their second, equally important task is the prevention of doping through sustained education and communication of values. NADA’s prevention department is not only a contact point for all athletes, but also for the associated organizational teams, associations and clubs. In the network GEMEINSAM GEGEN DOPING, NADA offers athletes and their environment advice and concrete offers of help.

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For many years, NADA has relied on digital learning offers in the form of web-based training courses to convey relevant learning content, which supplement analogue events and impart basic knowledge on how to avoid doping. And with great success: the doping prevention training course has been completed 50,000 times in the last 5 years. Many associations and clubs even require their athletes to take advantage of NADA’s digital learning opportunities once a year and to be certified in order to actively practice their sport.

Lack of adaptivity and continuity of learning measures

With the increase in demand for digital learning offers, the prevention department increasingly asked itself the question of the extent to which the learning content was really anchored in the athletes. A complex question that posed many challenges for the use of conventional web-based training courses and their platforms. Because traditional training courses are often designed as a one-off learning measure and are considered to be over after a final test. Not only do many topics fall into oblivion, but are often just clicked through without being read. A fatal mistake, because learning content that has a particularly preventive effect requires greater regularity in learning. In addition, regulations or information, for example on medication, can change constantly and must therefore be communicated to the athletes on an ongoing basis. A lack of analysis and evaluation options has also made it difficult to ensure that the learning content is relevant for the athletes. For example, NADA and the associations and clubs could not understand which topics the athletes had difficulty understanding, e.g. B. to design further learning measures or to optimize existing ones. In addition, there was a need for a solution that runs smoothly and stably on both mobile devices and computers, takes accessibility seriously and respects users’ data protection.

Their impact with chunkx after only three months!

400.000 micro-learning units were processed by the athletes in total during this period

8.000 subscribers and thus already almost 50% of the otherwise annual participants

Ø 57 repetitions of the 20 compulsory tasks were processed on average per athlete

From one-timed to sustainable learning experiences with chunkx

For an adaptive, individual, and continuous learning experience, we developed their GEMEINSAM GEGEN DOPING academy together with NADA to help athletes to gain lasting knowledge. By preparing the content in micro-learning units, the athletes now have the opportunity to easily and continuously repeat and deepen the content of the courses in chunkx. The special feature: The intelligent algorithm selects learning content according to user behavior, learns from it, and connects individually relevant topics for each athlete. The algorithm not only repeats tasks that were answered incorrectly but also asks users again for correctly answered tasks in order to ensure sustainable learning transfer. We offer an additional advantage with our platform approach. From now on, NADA can bundle all of its digital learning measures and enable athletes to connect different topics on a single platform. The addition of micro-learning tasks with the help of automated content creation is uncomplicated and fast.

Gamified incentives such as small awards – called “chunks” – and ranking lists, in addition to stored learning goals, provide incentives to start a learning unit regularly and to discover the content in the GEMEINSAM GEGEN DOPING academy.

“With the GEMEINSAM GEGEN DOPING academy in chunkx, we are creating a flexible learning opportunity for the clean sport of tomorrow”

In addition, the learning units carried out by all athletes can now be analyzed in a targeted manner by filtering key figures such as the success and dropout rate or average repetitions carried out by topic tags (e.g. #prohibited list). In this way, further learning measures, for example in the form of additional micro-learning tasks or face-to-face seminars, can be designed and worked out. In addition to the sustainable learning success of the athletes and the relevance of the learning content, the efficient use of resources in the development of learning measures is also ensured.

Full flexibility for the athletes

The micro-learning units now enable athletes to expand their knowledge from anywhere, anytime and from any device: be it on the way to the next competition, on the sofa, after training, or in a free minute at the weekend. In addition, they can access relevant chunkx academies from the field of sport and many others free of charge. This allows users to combine their private further education interests with other (compulsory) learning measures.

Rethink compulsory training - also in companies

The NADA project clearly shows how learning can be redefined and how unique learning experiences can be transformed into sustainable ones. A change that is also relevant to many topics in the corporate context. Because here, too, regular compulsory training and further education seminars on topics such as compliance, occupational safety, ethics, and much more are held. Offered, into which many scarce resources and high investments flow. Often without the desired results! The learning content is forgotten immediately after the training ends and does not help the company to achieve its sales or project goals. It takes adaptivity, continuity, and AI-powered content creation to make employee development future-ready. The topic of learning must be rethought: For example, learning goals should be set quarterly instead of annually and individual learning paths should be designed from structured introductory to adaptive continuation content for employees. In addition, more effective communication approaches are required that allow existing learning content to be supplemented with regular postings on current developments.

We offer all this and much more to companies on their way to continuous and adaptive learning offers. Not only do the companies themselves benefit by saving resources for the creation and ensuring that topics are anchored in the long term, but also the employees, who can learn flexibly and continuously.

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