All learning topics in an adaptive and continuous learning feed

Easily let your employees subscribe to any existing course – whether internal content or third-party courses. With adaptive content selection and continuous follow-ups, chunkx ensures the highest learning impact for your employees.

Sustainable microlearning for all your learning topics

To make corporate learning sustainable, there’s chunkx – the adaptive microlearning app for continuous learning. That’s because chunkx combines all learning topics in a user-specific learning feed – whether from third-party providers or from your own company. In the process, employees always receive the latest updates on their learning topics and can learn even more independently and flexibly through microlearning.

Microlearning at chunkx means that content is divided into its smallest interactive units, namely learning tasks with downstream feedback. We call these chunked exercises or chunkx for short. The small learning units are dynamically compiled per user, selectively repeated and distributed over longer periods of time. Topics of various kinds can be connected and the walls that previously separated learning activities can be torn down.

Putting an end to overwhelming masses of learning content

Adding more content does not help achieve effective training outcomes, especially if it leads to overload. Thus, the number of learning opportunities is increased, attention span decreases, and processing capacities remain unchanged. Also, static learning courses do not evolve along with learners, although there are continuous new insights into learning topics.

Continuous learning feed for the sustainable learning effect

chunkx connects all your learning in a user-specific and continuous learning feed. Because with our content team, we provide continuous microlearning for any existing course in any format: eLearnings, webinars, in-person training, documents. Your employees will benefit from constant recurrences, regular contributions and recommendations of the latest articles via email, in our app or via your systems.

The microlearning in chunkx adapts to the individual user: Via learning tasks, the app continuously learns what is being done well and less well. Microlearning content is selected based on the level of knowledge and thus individually compiled.

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This is how we enable continuous learning

Qualitative content creation

With our AI tools and streamlined processes, we continuously create microlearning units - either with or without your review.

Simple subscriptions, long-term effect

Let employees subscribe to channels simply by clicking a link. They receive new content and summaries via email and use the app for their learning sessions.

Adaptive learning alone or together

Learning units are adaptively selected and repeated according to the individual knowledge level of the learners. Optionally, users can compare themselves with others in rankings.

Fast and detailed evaluations

Obtain detailed and insightful insights about the performance of your learning measures and define learning paths and learning objectives.

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chunkx is suitable for any size of company


Small Business

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Medium-sized company


Large company or group

Implementation and data protection

Together with our customers, we look at using our standard user import for our microlearning app or using specific solutions for them. For example, chunkx offers a secure and flexible connection to existing HR systems with the LTI 1.3 standard.

We give the highest priority to data protection. We use ISO-27001 certified servers hosted in Germany and coordinate with our customers on customized solutions to meet company-specific requirements.

How to introduce a microlearning app in the company? What are the associated costs? And how quickly can you get started? Is there any way to test the app with a business unit?

Our team is happy to answer any questions and provide further insight into how chunkx is being used as a microlearning app by businesses. Among other things, we will explain how quickly you can get started with our browser version and supplementary e-mail communication. We look forward to the exchange!

chunkx creator: Have content developed or create it yourself - you decide

For optimal and continuous learning success, we ensure with our team of authors that adaptive microlearnings are created for all your learning topics. But you can also do it yourself! Because our authoring tool chunkx creator enables companies not only to develop their own content but also to evaluate and improve existing learning content. We give the user experience of our authors the highest priority. The intuitive interface makes it very easy for authors to develop tasks and continuously improve their didactic quality.

With our AI for automatic content creation, we also enable you to easily import existing documents and have microlearnings automatically generated for them.

The chunkx creator offers companies the following functions:

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