Customer Stories

Get to know selected customer projects and references and better understand what it means to establish adaptive and continuous learning in companies, associations or educational institutions.

Efficient learning paths in medicine

The Austrian Academy of Physicians was founded to promote and continuously develop medical education in Austria. The aim is to keep medical education up to date, to take up didactic findings and innovations and to integrate them into the continuing education system.

Sustainable learning in the hotel industry

A continuous training program on inclusive leadership was designed for the management level of an international hotel group to raise awareness of the topic of diversity and inclusion among managers, educate them and encourage them to adopt a sustainable and reflective approach as inclusive managers.

Developing salespeople for success

In this academy, salespeople, managers and self-employed people learn everything about increasing the performance of salespeople, sales teams and their managers in various learning channels. Adaptive, continuous and sustainable.

Making sports cleaner together

The National Anti-Doping Agency Germany (NADA) works every day to make sport cleaner and fairer. In addition to conducting doping controls, its second, equally important mission is the prevention of doping. They use chunkx for that.

Sustainable learning in para sports

The German Sports Association for the Disabled (DBS) is the largest public welfare-oriented association for athletes with disabilities in Germany. They use chunkx for sports medicine continuing education and education on classification requirements.

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