Hyper-personalization for success: your co-pilot in training

Individually created content that adapts to learner feedback. On-the-job and integrated into the tools our customers use. In this way, chunkx ensures the highest learning effect for your target groups.

Individual content for each learner

Our adaptive algorithms and AI generate hyper-personalized learning content tailored to each learner. The content is continuously optimized to the needs of the individual learner using the feedback function and learning progress. Regular summaries and recommendations complement the learning experience.

Compared to static content, this greatly increases relevance, duration of use and learning success. Costs for learning content platforms can be reduced while providing a better user experience and achieving a higher impact.

Impact & Knowledge Retention through Personalized Follow-ups

In learning, it is not only the content that is decisive, but also how and whether learners are reached with it:
chunkx delivers learning content directly to learners’ inboxes or chats. Topics and courses can not only be used once, but can also be subscribed to for continuous learning. Personalized follow-ups and spaced repetition paired with new content ensure the best possible impact.

Care to try? You give us access to course content and we provide a full service for continuous and personalized follow-ups to consolidate, develop and analyze skills.

Adaptively selected, on-the-job, matching your courses, trainings, documents and requirements.

12x more follow-ups

Sustainable knowledge transfer and higher ROI through continuous and personalized micro-follow-ups

chunkx MS Teams Intergration
chunkx - Lerninhalte direkt per E-Mail

Integrated into your Learning Landscape

We use your existing systems and communication channels:
Content follow-ups, recommendations and updates are pushed out to users via email or MS Teams. From there, they can open personalized learning sessions without having to remember a password. We send evaluations directly to your LMS, LXP or other systems – e.g. using LTI. But you can also use our admin and author tool chunkx creator.

Want a microlearning platform?
No problem. With chunkx you get a device independent microlearning platform. You can find out more here.

Continuous Skill Analytics

With our Managed Channels we create microlearning content for your courses & trainings. With the help of AI, all content is keyworded and linked to the appropriate skills, competencies and occupational fields based on the ESCO skill ontology. Instead of relying solely on resumes and self-assessments for your skills analytics, chunkx provides you with continuous learning data on employee development. Prepared in compliance with works council regulations and securely stored on EU servers.

Match learning content with skill development

More about ...

Microlearning Platform & LMS

chunkx works fully integrated, but also offers you microlearning platform & LMS if needed to give users more options. More…

Authoring & Content

Create learning units, manage courses and run evaluations quickly, easily and AI-supported with the chunkx creator. More…

Solutions & Use Cases

Tens of thousands of users and numerous customers are already using chunkx to enable continuous on-the-job learning. More…

This is how we enable continuous learning for your courses & trainings

High quality content creation

Using our AI tools and quality assurance, we continuously create microlearning units on your content. Without work for you! You can also use the chunkx creator yourself.

Subscribe content without new system

Let employees subscribe to channels simply by clicking a link. Via email or MS Teams, they receive follow-ups, new content, and summaries.

Adaptive learning alone or together

Learning units are adaptively selected and repeated according to the individual level of knowledge. Optionally, users can compare themselves with others in rankings.

Detailed evaluations & skill analytics

Get detailed and insightful insights about the performance of your learning measures and let us link your content to skills for better analysis.

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chunkx FAQ

FAQ about chunkx

Learning content can be developed 100% by AI and individually for each learner. Here, we can draw on the AI’s generally acquired knowledge as well as external and internal sources. This makes it possible to take existing company-specific documents into account.

At the same time, it is also possible to create content yourself using our authoring tool chunkx creator – with or without AI support.

Basically for all types of training content. The more specific, the more internal documents we need from the company, so that the content serves as a basis for the development of new learning units and follow-ups. Show us your content in a non-binding discussion and we can quickly tell you more.

chunkx uses specially developed algorithms to record the employee’s level of knowledge with each microlearning unit processed. In order not to overwhelm the user with all his subscribed learning topics, chunkx selects the most suitable learning unit based on the individual learning history and the upcoming goals. Within our personalized channels, the content is even developed specifically for the learner. With interactive exercises, didactic methods such as Certainty-Based-Marking and continuous repetition, the learning content adapts to the user’s learning pace, regardless of whether they learn daily or irregularly via email, browser or the app.

User-related data is stored on servers in Germany and Belgium in ISO certified data centers. As a European company, we are basically DSGVO-compliant and the protection of personal data is very important to us. Therefore, when used in companies, learning success data is also only displayed cumulatively to admins and authors and not for the individual user. Do you still have questions about data security and who can see what data in chunkx? Feel free to contact us for a conversation about this.

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