Pre-seed investment of the venture capital fund LUMO Labs

We are very happy to introduce you to our new partner and investor LUMO Labs! LUMO Labs brings many years of experience in the AI field as well as a global network. Their focus on impact-driven startups makes them the ideal partner for us, and they share chunkx's vision of designing adaptive and continuous learning experiences for everyone. We look forward to working with you! Enclosed you will find the German version of the official press release.

chunkx becomes part of the LUMO Labs family

Eindhoven, The Netherlands – Learning is often seen as something static and one-time, completed by the attainment of a diploma or certificate. But today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world requires a continuous learning approach that goes beyond certificates and degrees. LUMO Labs, through its investment fund LUMO Fund II, invests in chunkx, a German-Dutch startup that uses artificial intelligence to make learning more relevant and effective in the digital age.

chunkx is an AI-powered micro-learning app that creates a curated and personalized learning experience through adaptive content selection. The platform selects appropriate microlearning units based on the needs of each user and in the future will offer automatic generation of new content to enable the continuous development of users.

Founder and CEO Florian Stieler’s vision is that every person with a smartphone and chunkx technology will be empowered to connect their countless learning experiences, create their lifelong learning feed, and continuously evolve in an ever-changing world.

chunkx is aimed at both companies and educational institutions such as universities. The National Anti-Doping Agency Germany (NADA) is one of the first customers on board. chunkx allows them to transform their traditional e-learning course into an adaptive learning experience. After only three months, more than 6,000 athletes in Germany have already attended the academy.

We strongly believe that learning is a continuous process that doesn’t stop at the end of a lecture or the last page of an eLearning course,” Stieler said. With chunkx, we enable users to continue the learning journey. LUMO Labs is the perfect partner for us in this; a partner that shares our vision, brings a strong tech focus and supports us in internationalizing our business.”

“The scalable and accessible idea of the chunkx platform provides equal access to continuous education for people around the world. The innovative focus and customized content creation ensures the relevance and quality of each individual’s learning journey,” said Andy Lürling, founder of LUMO Labs.

“We see great potential in chunkx’s approach to learning and development.”

Lürling and co-founder Sven Bakkes said LUMO Labs is investing because chunkx’s business plan is based on sustainable engagement and connectivity. People cannot immediately transfer everything they have learned to their everyday work. With chunkx, any learning activity can be extended to ensure knowledge transfer.

At the push of a button, the most suitable microlearning unit is selected from all subscribed topics and based on the individual learning history. Just as LinkedIn or Twitter connects us to any number of sources, chunkx connects users to learning content, making it possible to learn even when time is short.

“Both chunkx’s technology and impact goals are central to our investment strategy,” said Bakkes. “We are very excited to welcome this incredibly promising edtech team to our portfolio.”

The investment from LUMO Labs will enable chunkx to continue its pioneering work in AI-based learning content generation and prepare for further growth as a company with lasting impact, he added.

About LUMO Labs

Based at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven, LUMO Labs creates opportunities for impact-driven software and smart hardware startups. The current LUMO Fund II is a multi-stage and impact-driven capital fund (pre-seed up to and including Series A). The Fund includes a two-year venture builder program to help its portfolio companies achieve financial success as well as social reach and impact.

LUMO Labs funds startups that pursue at least one of the following three United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): sustainable cities and communities, good health and well-being, and quality education. Investment focus areas include artificial intelligence/data, blockchain, internet of things, robotics and drones, and virtual / augmented reality.

LUMO Labs advocates for self-determination and traceable ownership of data, as well as transparency and traceability of technologies.

About chunkx

chunkx is an adaptive micro-learning app for web, iOS and Android. It focuses on sustainable learning transfer through smart algorithms, artificial intelligence and user-based content selection. chunkx uses Natural Language Processing for user-based recommendations and the automatic creation of interactive microlearning units. The chunkx user app and chunkx creator authoring tool provide authors and users with the optimal support for ongoing content creation and learning engagement. chunkx is a product of chunkx B.V. and was founded in 2018. The EdTech start-up is based at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven, Netherlands, and in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Are you not yet a customer or do you have questions about chunkx? Then contact us for a personal presentation and let’s talk about the possibilities together. We look forward to hearing from you!