Why chunkx?

Because continuous and sustainable learning is not a one-time event, but a process. With our AI, we help you create learning content and sustain learning.

Continuous learning - tailored to your prior knowledge

It’s frustrating to be expected to learn things you already know. The learning video you’d like to fast-forward, the e-learning that bores you – content that isn’t relevant robs us of valuable time. chunkx presents content as the smallest possible interactive unit – namely as a learning task, the so-called chunked exercises. If you already know the solution, it will only take you a few seconds to edit it. If you don’t know them, the downstream feedback ensures the learning effect. With every task you complete, the algorithm learns something about your level of knowledge and optimizes the composition of your stream. This gives you access to relevant content at any time and allows you to learn continuously – without any barriers and tailored to your previous knowledge.

Even the best learning measures lose value from day one

Think about the best workout you've ever had. How much of the learning could you still reproduce?

Often the result is soberingly low. Because what we learn, what we don’t apply, fades and already after a few days only a fraction remains. Our investments in continuing education thus lose value far too quickly.

Learning interventions tend to be one-time events with no concept of continuous learning. Now imagine if you could permanently connect any topic for your learners via chunkx, increasing the value of the measure. Whether seminars, webinars, WBTs or learning videos: With chunkx, you turn unique learning moments into continuous learning experiences.

Knowledge is faster than googling

In situational learning, we seek and consume information at the moment we need it: on-the-job. And this is becoming easier and easier, after all, knowledge is available at the push of a button, like the article on Wikipedia or the tutorial on YouTube. But this does not diminish the importance of our stockpile knowledge. It is indispensable for our work, our communication and our ability to find and evaluate information. chunkx helps you to learn continuously on any number of topics, create moments of reflection and thus take up the fight against the forgetting curve. chunkx is designed in such a way that as little as 15 seconds of your time is enough to complete a learning task and thus continue the continuous learning process. Feedback mechanisms and a great design encourage you to stay tuned. Day by day.

chunkx is continuously getting better: with you

By answering interactive tasks, chunkx learns quickly. We use the data to show you detailed analysis for your own usage and to select content as relevant as possible. To make it even better, chunkx can partner with other learning systems and work together to create the best learning experiences. This makes continuous learning with chunkx even more fitting and better.

What exactly can this look like in your company or organization? Tell us your ideas and we’ll tell you ours!

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