daily learning in chunkx

In chunkx, each day the value of your open daily tasks increases by 1.
Not clear yet what that means exactly? No problem, we explain it to you on this page.

What are daily tasks?

Our learning app chunkx helps you with continuous learning. So that your continuity is also rewarded by our app, there are the “daily tasks”. Every day one is added until the maximum value of 7 is reached.

Whenever you complete a learning task in one of your learning sessions in chunkx, the value of your daily tasks goes down by 1 until they reach 0.

Once brought to 0, you’ll get 800 bonus points, level up faster and get great trophies.

Why is the maximum value 7?

We recommend using chunkx regularly – daily if you like. But we all know everyday life, you can’t always do that. If it doesn’t work every day, we recommend bringing the open daily tasks to 0 at least once a week. And so that they do not accumulate indefinitely, we have limited the value to one week and 7 days respectively. 

Once a week 7 learning tasks – sounds doable, right?

Now have fun with chunkx!

You can find more tips for using chunkx here.

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