Learning objectives and certificates

Learning objectives not only motivate learners, but also serve to track performance. Learn more about how to use learning objectives and certificates in chunkx and chunkx creator on this page.

What are learning objectives?

Channels in chunkx can be assigned learning targets. Learning objectives provide learners with a performance target. In eLearnings, these are typically achieved with either full participation in a course or passing a final test.

In the microlearning app chunkx, on the other hand, learning objectives work more appropriately: authors can define in the chunkx creator whether learners must either complete a certain number of microlearning units or complete them correctly. This makes it easy to control whether channel content needs to be fully processed or only a certain workload needs to be achieved.

It is not necessary to specify a time period. But if a learning goal should be repeated regularly, for example, this can be controlled by the time period. Here, the chunkx creator offers more possibilities than usual systems: learning objectives can be repeated not only annually, but also weekly, monthly or quarterly. This helps tremendously in promoting continuous and sustainable learning.

Learning objectives overview in chunkx

Users can already tell on the channel page whether a topic has a learning objective assigned to it or not. The current progress is available to learners both there and in the profile area in the channel-specific evaluation. In addition, a learning objectives overview as well as the achieved certificates can be opened via the profile page. Here, learners will find not only the current learning objectives, but also those that are already in the past. The gray, blue and red markers on the learning goal flag allow learners to see immediately whether they still have enough time or whether the work should be completed soon.

Any questions?

There is still much to know about the setting and tracking options for learning objectives in chunkx and in chunkx creator. Contact us for a personal presentation, we look forward to it.

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