1. who can i contact with questions about chunkx or the chunkx creator?

For technical questions that we don’t answer on this page, write to us at:

2. how do I change the content that is displayed in my learning sessions?

Your sessions will always display content and tasks from your subscribed channels. Under “Channels” and if you are a corporate customer under the logo of your company, you can select channels, subscribe and cancel. By the way, your data will not be lost: If you cancel a channel and then subscribe again, your previous results will still be taken into account.

3. where can I find already edited content?

Under “Profile” and then “History” you can see all the content you have already edited in the past. Since there are usually quite a few, you can use the keyword search to filter by desired terms. In addition, we show you whether you last worked on the task correctly or incorrectly.

4. i forgot my password, how can i login again?

On the login page you will find a link called “Forgot password”. After clicking on it, you will receive an email from us with further instructions. If the email does not arrive, please check your spam folder, maybe it has landed there.

5. i don't want to receive email reminders and / or push messages anymore, where can i disable them?

In your profile settings in the app, you can easily change the notification settings. Open the app and log in if necessary. Then switch to the “Profile” tab. At the top right you can open the menu and edit your profile. Once you get to the profile edit page, scroll all the way down and make sure there’s no check mark there for email notifications. At the end, please do not forget to click Save. Please note that important emails, such as when using the forgotten password feature or to prove learning goals have been achieved, cannot be turned off.

6. i want to delete my account in chunkx, how to do it?

To do so, please write to us briefly at It is important that the message comes from the email address whose account you want to delete from us. If you have the time, feel free to write us your feedback on the app and why you want your account deleted. We are happy about this and will continue to work hard to improve our app and services every day.

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