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Channel description Business trips and travel expenses

Companies support their customers not only by e-mail and telephone, but also directly on site with their customers. This is not the only reason why business trips are often an integral part of work. However, when booking, carrying out and accounting for business trips, there are different things to consider and legal rules to comply with. With the learning tasks from our course, we offer interested companies a free offer within our learning app chunkx to enable sustainable as well as adaptive learning on the topic of business trips and travel expenses.

Our learning tasks are just the start: As the author for your company, you can rework the tasks yourself, individualize them for your purposes and set your own links to existing learning content and measures at your company. All very easy with our authoring tool chunkx creator. And if you would like some assistance, our experienced and trained writers will be happy to help.

Sample tasks from the Business Trips and Travel Expenses channel

You had the go-ahead to take colleagues on an out-of-town project out to lunch and submit the bill. Does your meal allowance have to be reduced by lunch that day?

You invited colleagues to a working lunch and paid the bill. At what amount do you need to ask the restaurant to issue you an invoice addressed to your company (as of 2019)?

You drive to the customer in Munich and are on the road for 9 hours before you arrive back home. Which per diem meal allowance can be paid to you tax-free?

You didn’t have time for breakfast at the hotel in the morning, but it’s still on the bill paid by the employer. By what value must your per diem meal allowance be reduced on that day?

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