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Money laundering refers to the process of smuggling illegally generated money or illegally acquired assets into the legal financial and economic cycle. Since the money to be “laundered” comes from illegal activities such as corruption, bribery, robbery, extortion, drug trafficking, arms trafficking or tax evasion, its origin is to be concealed.
Money laundering is a criminal offense under both German criminal law and that of other countries.
Many companies are required to take special courses of action, such as appointing a money laundering officer, and must report facts that indicate money laundering. With the learning tasks from our course, we offer interested companies a free offer within our learning app chunkx to enable sustainable as well as adaptive learning on the topic of the Money Laundering Act and thus on the overall topic of compliance.

Our learning tasks are just the start: As the author for your company, you can rework the tasks yourself, individualize them for your purposes and set your own links to existing learning content and measures at your company. All very easy with our authoring tool chunkx creator. And if you would like some assistance, our experienced and trained writers will be happy to help.

Sample tasks from the Money Laundering Act channel

What is the first of three requirements for money laundering (§ 261 StGB)?

What is behind the so-called “layering” in the money laundering process?

What is behind the so-called “placement” in the money laundering process?

What should be done if the client is suspected of money laundering?

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