Interview Learntec 2020

Finally, we get to share the interview that took place last year at Learntec 2020. What are the most important points?

In 2020 – yes, that was a long time ago – we were at Learntec with our team and were interviewed by Dekra Media. We are happy to announce that the video is out now and have linked you to the clip of the interview with our founder Florian Stieler above. But what is the two-minute interview about? Here are the keywords.

1. strengthen memory

Well, this is how it is introduced in the video: chunkx is supposed to strengthen memory. That’s not entirely wrong either, but it doesn’t get to the heart of the matter. In chunkx, a lot of work is done with repetition. Learning content with which we are not yet familiar enough is repeated more frequently. Those where we have demonstrated our knowledge multiple times are less likely to be repeated. This is how our individual, adaptive learning path is formed click-by-click.

This also strengthens memory, but rather selects the most relevant content for our limited time.

2. continuous learning

With chunkx, we transform one-time learning moments into continuous learning experiences. Because learning should not stop with the end of the webinar or the final test after the WBT. As long as a topic is important to me or my business, it should stay with me. Learning measures can be supplemented with chunkx for this purpose. Reflection moments are then regularly generated in our app and content is selected adaptively according to the user’s learning needs.

After all, if the transfer of learning does not occur after a training session, one can legitimately ask: What was the investment of time and money worth then?

3. our customers

chunkx is aimed at both companies and educational institutions, such as universities or schools. In addition to closed instances, chunkx offers a public area. Here, academies such as those offered by Together Against Doping and, soon, museums and other educational institutions.

Digital learning with chunkx

With chunkx, we offer you a tool to expand both new and existing measures in a targeted manner. Are you not yet a customer? Then contact us for a personal presentation and let’s talk about the possibilities together. We look forward to hearing from you!