Tips & Tricks

Looking for first tips on chunkx? You’ve come to the right place.
You can find even more information in the support section.

Tip 1: Subscribe to channels

We are used to opening topics one by one. You can do that in chunkx too, but in addition you can subscribe to them. Then you will stay updated on changes, get news from the author and the content of the channel can be considered in your next learning session.

And if you realize that you don’t want to follow a topic anymore, just cancel the channel again.

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Tip 2: Start learning sessions on one or all channels

In chunkx, you can learn focused on a single topic as well as receive micro-learning units from potentially all of your subscribed channels. The selection always builds on your personal learning history, and content that you’re not as good at is prioritized so that you use your learning time as productively as possible.

Just click on“Start Session” and decide:

  • Start only one channel or
  • Launch all your channels?

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Tip 3: Mistakes are welcome

Imagine you have to attend 10 trainings and at each training you think to yourself: I already knew half of it anyway.
Because of this experience, chunkx works a lot with learning tasks. This way we learn very quickly what you know and what you don’t know yet. What you know will only cost you a few seconds of work. What you don’t know yet, on the other hand, pops up more often and you filter what’s really relevant to you. Very important: Mistakes are not only allowed, but encouraged, because nobody knows everything and only the mistakes help us to show you the right content for you.

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4. tip: seven tasks per week

chunkx wants to help you learn continuously. But you know it yourself, this only works if you participate. We recommend you to work on at least 7 tasks a week . Gladly also one or several a day – but we all know the everyday life and daily we make it unfortunately rarely. Our daily tasks reward continuity with bonus points. Learn more about the daily tasks here. And on this page, we’ve compiled more on learning time in chunkx.

Tip 5: Use your evaluations

Often we have only assumptions about what we are good at and not so good at. chunkx shows you personal evaluations after each learning session. In addition, you can see very precise results per channel in your profile and have access to your learning history via History. Under Achievements you can see which achievements you have already achieved.

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Now have fun with chunkx!

And for further questions: Contact our support . For the use of chunkx in companies or for the distribution of your own Academy,
feel free to contact our team.